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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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yes inside said iraq and i'm sure. the jump from only the no menace members let me and your nest come over for though she can damn near can walk mesirow. by its message of that weighed up their efforts and more do in a few mins way i'll walk around for about an hour looking. into one of my neighbor who had stayed on my bridges in c.n.n.'s new bar and she. was. one changes to the man down our proposed in 2000 and led to widespread protests from those opposed to any change from those wanting equal rights for both sexes both in marriage and divorce . was it was well thought learn or. move out that out that is the lights and career you know would be
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to insult the heart in the now that it is needed most and i thought better of people how long had to be a bitter queen elizabeth's nice 30 year teen with i did it in a missionary we'll have to fuss if that often what are the themes already yeah you know the one little the fia. settlers know little aside see this is the. stuff that i mean when bad math talk to family and how can you manage to hunt said just love. to sell. and to montage. no i'm glad to see that at some level had gotten more of them taken only. they. would have let you were the 3. feet 3 in the armory idealist worked at a hospital where he heard feel more
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a jab. at that in many. worry difficulty one at a loser. yeah i would communities of the hottest to be happy here. where they're at some of the well that's out there it's about a man who had an addict that somehow had the so we're out ahead at supper man anyway i had no way up whatever man i had that think the hey need. stuff or c.n.n. . and this william shatner cabin is the ray and where the end can be set in cologne little bow. down laughing. l'acadie and i since they were innocent precious than are absolutely must be enough. yet is yes why the sam nonselective bizarre
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hate for sluts brain. has little hopes in with the when he any there's much more ahead in. the year he's levy and he's there. in 2012 and a tory is case it drew attention to a new poll in the law. i mean and finale came under pressure to marry the man who'd recently raped her he was away for the family to salvage some pride and for her rapist to escape punishment this was allowed to at the time under the moroccan penal code but i mena took her own life. as those are the. source of the. lot of our work and i'm a lot lot lot of. those of. his
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wish. to be her. know what. the middle it is up above not really has very much. any day you can leave the. set of hope someone homicide phillida if you can limit. at. adelaide you can. be there were a lot of suburb in 1000 on account of of me. and so. they were home of the woman who was real doc severinsen. one of the law that is the man is the only do we had about that was it a bit but you would be as a mother i was about that would you we are some of the but it could have been are you would you wish you had and can we did you did that you and the like oh no no no luckily amateur. allusion am italian version stroke.
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the classic. version storage she had she. had the. machines you didn't see do you. watch. the case shocked morocco i mean a suicide led to protests against the had allowed this kind of tragedy to happen. the law was changed in 24 teens but not before other women has suffered by marrying the men who had raped them. along. the way. in their own doing. in rural morocco marriages can still be arranged by the family knew i was 15 when she was married to an older moroccan man who'd settled in spain he seemed like
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a good prospect at the time. marrying too young it's a problem the family code has tried gradually to address it was to be voted in amman and who started. going to was a shift on when the extent of the live. and says was ordinary. to a fee of taken off a bit of spawning most often with. a dentist body of just about half was done with. the hand of a student of. that. and i think she to know that over the. meetings. there was a mountain michael had
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a difficult message and i mentioned you know. my funds to manhattan did. and. has a tough ascent you don't have. a need for truth you believe it was reassuring disunion what you. meant. to me it's our shot of some don't even come started i'm out but this has. had the lamp had a mother ship will get us all so if it was ahead of that they wouldn't she wouldn't . go. near the sea old man getting shipped in and she was going to live with him and she stuffing. my dishes or to make motions right at school at 1st and then a few. you very kindly and he felt a name cool and buffalo he had. even from head to.
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head if the emotion there can and i want to kind of i will let him know that i did work edge to my what had less cautious and. yet has shot. others for kind of lean not they sit there and. so they're all energy and fishy n. . that's mother son are. you that what he said is that going. to a cute little. dull. didn't mean. to . you to be him. for really the only girl. it's the work their lives read the. men and the. it.
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was possible what. shall i not on the war then sit no you or they. then no look to a lot. lydia work but a lot of things. they're not possible out of the lot in. iraq here. and at the surface and then it sort of sefton is all of our festival and you know its name and yes. wasn't 8 alone and i. didn't look so good i'm not a lot and they're not that. book said in. the courts see
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a lot of cases to do with the non-registration of marriages here a 14 year old girl has married a man who's left her but her marriage was never registered so she has few legal rights. she said you were in a facility you. never hear about. but. tell me so i'm a little itty bitty clubs. do you think you have got that difficult a little bit run devoted to the book to the. if you didn't know we're looking. at the moment they believe you think. they would set the tone of paul or at the met if i b m it's too thick will bad be to hair you then at the ted and the car the
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other for the and you do not and yet then it. fails. and they and i've had it in a lot of what was there were rules a handler can only in 11 you were taught in. g how to stop like if you're affable fast and if highly bad or mocking and men are. taught to monkey not to. be shared the truth. future with them. is the same about me the question that i wanted to study. so i had and who should anybody feel. about hell would be a took me a. minute. or so of letting them sort it all to 0 ish then had a talk or. what has started as a little let's see. should i leave him. a little adam i wish when
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a little way a sudden whatever to that i'm so it was said and it was so was she mary. was certain and i was so at 5. so i would look at his father with a you know we're going to fuck you then the what i what i could not serve with sucky than the i need you why do we really get hold of the quantum what they know what they will marry school to get a teacher had the whole form and what the. president . sort of. consoler come out of your. own well when the.
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other should have been freedom of. thought well i heard the word. is the word for. it would come said no way it mean. for you it head. to the wind when i'm to what's up is always a half hour or 3 times an hour or i can by the. admin of finessing mike and one thing for some looked at i thought at the barn for the 40. so i did the half humps and i want to. what end in south lash said no as well as. another that and a half but what's. the bottom determine if so we just
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met their current upset if i do. their work but i was they were very. concerned. i like them. better where. you can be one of them is with a kind of. sad. kind of mood for tots or listen in the illicit sex if it can own well is at accel mean well in the what successful men walk in the see a lady they are all be. all to work well know with him in the sun or call or hey no interfere in the service hey you know how you do. some remote areas of morocco can appear to have been almost abandoned by any form of government presence.
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there were a few bad. she had. to serve you. did serve you. also you know if you're an enemy. and. i want him to have. to call limits on. what to say that we. should. talk. to fattouh marriage
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but he was never registered so her daughter now has no birth certificate or proof of parenthood. and what's. going on with. the well. i. think that the letter. as a father as i said how that. they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds
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in commission. there is no hope of any more because there's always a small powerful people for war really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public culture war shadow while on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera true confessions might never be green up to many but not all right senekal example of communist propaganda and i want to put up the bit where i want to walk bare all i want to do it was told in 2010 al-jazeera
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access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. however i have a list of our in london with the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's who the rebels say they've launched multiple drone attacks in saudi arabia who the say they targeted 2 airports in japan and saudi arabian media says saudi forces intercepted
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a missile launched towards. well meanwhile saudi arabia is calling for more security for shipping routes through the gulf after explosions on to or oil tankers the vessels were attacked in the gulf of mon on thursday 23 crew members from one of the ships arrived in dubai on saturday the u.s. is pointing the finger at terror on which is denying involvement iran says it summoned the british ambassador after the u.k. also blamed terror on for the time attacks at a summit in tajikistan president has said rouhani said iran will continue to scale back its commitments under the nuclear deal until it sees positive signals from other signatories duran's that in may that it would start and rich in uranium at a higher level unless world powers protected its economy from u.s. sanctions within 60 days. hong kong's chief executive has suspended a highly contro controversial bill to allow extraditions to mainland china carry
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lamb who previously refused to scrap the bill despite mass protests said her goal is to restore peace and order but activists on a plan withdrawing for good and say they will still go ahead with another protest on sunday lamb says she's heard calls for her government to pools and sink. i feel deep sorrow and regret that the deficiencies in our work and various other factors have stirred up substantial controversies and as built in society following the relatively calm periods of the past 2 years disappointing many people we were dropped the most sincere and humble attitude to our sept criticisms and make improvements so that we can continue to connect with the people of hong kong. says it was behind 2 attacks that have killed at least 11 people and injured 25 others in somalia's capital a car bomb 1st exploded close to the presidential palace in mogadishu causing most of the fatalities another car bomb near the
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airport killed the driver and his accomplice and those are the latest headlines more news in 25 minutes al-jazeera world though continues next. for. marriage the family and divorce in morocco as in some other arab countries is governed by a family code in morocco it's called the new doll and. it's existed for several decades but has been updated in recent years in order to give women and sometimes men more rights particularly when a marriage has problems. here to mother that's the. adult's idea.
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hey listen the cause or the or the want to confer can and usually that good and even to you will be with at 50 many that. sesame as a reality but in the freezer he money and i'm going there and there's so much. hurt totally dirty. class i didn't consider hamas in america going to that island i'm a celeb and some had. the has. no arca situation is difficult she married a moroccan man living in spain when she was 14 but he has now left her her divorce is however perfectly legal. in just one year the special. this is america. and i'm sure that not i'm sure for. the rest of us to read. that later but i never got a must see you just missed it as
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a. laugh doesn't do this is that. suffix. but what i like and. well into who. she. is you have to be measured and know but the luck of the fair doing well looky loo. that it's. well you know the only. way he'd get pollock there was time starts to look at this about us and he went and i'm a consumer i want to look and i think is i'm going to could never see demon many what i did my whole lives in a sweat hello. and the 1st it was always you or your car service of the law or your castle. it's a hole in the. well
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in the whole of the offenses for for the year a lot of so there are in the. know what i am and no helen will move. or bomb. hell badly. now if. you could be taught. this much this is. also part of the lock. at one time divorce was largely in the hands of the husband the changes to the madonna have introduced different types of divorce including for irreconcilable differences at this called divorce. was a version 100000000 business 100 metres of the. military.
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so from an. eye to business at a school with much to sort of quirk there's also a lot of that that would have. had. that i missed out little ship caught leave that to any. local public can resume full of the lucky living hell it is far more. than this with a lot of had to be shipped removed. c.m.l. a lot to be tolerably because the dialogue can be the rajini because of what's in a more or says here sort of a version version as yet you're on with the cut out as you didn't.
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tattoo moral cupboards. and most of it. will have one new question and that illusion or at least hell will and had not meant to as one. not that i feel it was a result of the end often. then as. in any broken marriage in the world the division of property in assets is usually contentious. out under the knowledge that i. went to great lengths to modify his house to suit his wife but is now deeply unhappy about the fallout from his divorce.
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from them riled up and starts to do that and i mean really. getting to know well that then oh yeah i mean for that and then look it up. what element health food or software was going to feel. it was not. the stimulus. tested yearly and lost their health struck me not knowing the military glass here to walk around. the earth have an idea of health. and how the rising another. 3rd knee. where i'm from. he. can't move.
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can you to have the time he. can wish to marry me can you go up. to libya titled again for him can you feel human that you made me the one i'd even say you can but i move the. cursor subtlety our sort of fear has it but i was really that when you get the amount of new to many markets are you sure look at the. last one was there either mohammed lemieux skin or for that. separation for irreconcilable differences has increased the divorce rate in morocco. this has put pressure on the courts to make decisions about assets but also on financial support for women and children.
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i don't want. or no social kind we go through that would have been blown when it had the. they've had the can barely ever do that zeros look it up there are hundreds of you made here you know we kill her. and no usual what that my year. didn't the fucker. call that one had the alley 100 but across thoughts there is a cut up head this off the top of their to 35 my god. how could anyone have come on this is. a little father you got a master's in love on my street real. still going to hear that we are a. mess when.
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you delete. the no i mean that. i have to far respect of literally. be a mismatch you have covered a yard but he was. kind of a high note on military. sort of the who were not let me attempt radio shack little that is anderson is shit and the bullet is starting to feel a subtle call that's what the feds need for tickets to the us or battle a new houses some jealous that sort of government source i may feel. ill at ease come in when they are your ally to lead this it's going to have you must so and to court and to a demon must wonder 7 if it's likely that it'll be in the lives or better and many
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where and head heck their main with machines that we let fresh air their fish alan vary and fits their they had a model of how it was up so little shikaki you to back to the buttery talk more assist someone. to so will the helm. in. even more asserts. a more than to be amidst him before the slow. mutes moon the. moon was written as he has been with the war. that's a. slave mia that i have had in the mobile of the us ringback. says set if she met you and let's you can and to say. that i'm set up with a car busied meant to beat me at all so i can't tell the what half is to college to marry one of 7 other. immoral co there is now a network of s.o.'s centers for women including in the capital but.
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they provide a refuge for female victims of domestic violence and campaign for greater protection of women in abusive relationships and let little see in. what. and what liquor moves and who not like insurance and so much that new york. went on muttering. darkly. but imagine as has been this supposed to pay allowances for her and their 3 children but she has to seek advice from a judge about his refusal to pay and even less. lets hope others have to tell. her to move closer. to her feet as it and this. little one of this little should. be so
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wonderful movement up aloft i know we're looking at a donkey that's the. minimum by concetta her. limited mcmanaman have a storm or a dismissal on pointed out that there was. some going on to be there was your loss and initially and only. there can complete the a 1000. nestler you. must have been with the you don't talk of them in the ethical for a little walk around the. feeling when c.b.o.t. . enough about. madiba he meant. what they had done.
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mcgregor will never can that be a movie how. you came to her that. i want to miss that event and every hormone does i have a hug or like a limp and defied yet let me walk on the way as you boy that's also how queer no one has a. car that always. will was it must have. had not and no not bad as where the meat globe event you perhaps it's also maybe. your archives also unhappy about the monkey a mounted she receives from her ex-husband for her and her daughter. not looked out on him in the old. update and. when did that subsurface. slow bloodsworth or well let's put a. mustache inject. enemy
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a poodle i hadn't thought of. the more soup you can only do the entire with the early income as it was in all those up. well i can walk no one no matter of watson . i was even more certain. element you could come by for a while and there you lead with iraq to talk about the welcome to a well in welcome. but shouting we're likely. to live branch. with payments from ex-husband send ongoing problem changes to the madonna have included a government fund to help divorced women. though one or 2 elements need improving. then. as we move the world saw her or she will rule the world hears
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a lot of us and look at. how the same dogma cannot allow more to lockhart's meaningful soul or barriers mary or. her from the different battle to. learn how lots of there's always of home and pleasant of a world or mobile of others of a faith or out what's facing the couple of fatal shots one wants to the betty so that if i fail. shouted bit of in the n.l.m. was so zen many a horrific fraidy had to sum. it up from the 2nd but the definition that. lishka look it had to have some. leisure for her. and then the last of them was well better and. so much thought so they filed
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by. jamie. and i was so well merely. a woman. so if it's what i'd let somebody who did that i had they would be huge and looking for miss that i. knew she's consumed the crystal bed her notes with mr de vecchio give her nestle dharma she gets on that say they are she to make you less than a has she been biro permission it's a woman need to she has. concession
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and losers d.n.a. italia. and has made. the 10 member the song sheet in my brain as this one. discussed men below to keep being. with. new place can i tell you carson you that she we are. and that which i needs has been. one of the articles added to the madonna is a kind of a prenuptial agreement it's a contract at the listing a couple's assets before they marry to protect them if they divorce. the 1st or a no and i'm worried that it's him but see feather's what he let. the man and the mets and muck the. metamath deserve all their heads up liz those rainy american. any event can't left. a new body behind day one of the belief you have become very messy there may be.
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a little kind of little how can you say if eboni or them would want or strong one. be. the kill the little bits and the. really came out. of them where you have to serve. me a lot of what's meant to serve. him. clean. well you know. in the midst of our. war overseas in where he'd. modeled on.
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another limb right. there out there say one of the local but i mean one of. the one out this is the new issue of. what are the stores lean out here. what i mean is this. walk to the. minister. and yet if we had a will we would buy. it for a motel or cut subject of his or wish me up to the dock and water in a cart but a desire wish teddy will cut the feed house with. the most i have a can but i feel. that . if is intended for.
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my man a good. deal. if you live in a you know the way the addition and also the idea of center it may have to the beer . leaked according to the the c.s. ceremony where the but of course yes aroma. of coffee how about. to debut the fear and let it just become. about him so what danny. mean it's always taught us up to touch them christians can look at us you will know . tons has a. thought
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of things you have lost blood in the clothes for a lot it's a death and you are. what are the. 10. 0 dreamy and yeah man. and now chris to. be the be no you. were lace out. we. understood him a tenner and changed its name the decision. it democrat when a commission in and then the 2 were set in. winter. and this to modify it is a vision with the one in internet. not
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in michigan infant school and didn't live to accompany the 2 magical malmedy. indeed indeed it's not going to as a key one of them. not because as young as i'm scared the good memories are no good or the comment seems that a gun locked me. in the car so she cheats for groups with no class. never married. with one of those other what. were fear he had out. on him with one of them it all messy medevacked say well it could mean. this
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article leg of criminally. it's visits visits a lot of them are not what they want to suck on the water a bit in the no usual to the. in the bud or more. but it isn't then where you go you know minutes. of the richmond. mission your mother went over this. some of us at the. mother died some more door and let it be your father would rather deal with the world. then you know. shut for drop when a suitable for walking the earth. we all still marry. her ferd a lot of who are slim yeah well i came. to support the war your house of the.
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al-jazeera world i meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as on al-jazeera.
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hello the presence of vast amounts of crowd of the new south wales and victoria has meant by day have been a while over the place and there's a massive cloud on its way in here as you can see by satellite pictures there for the full cost i'm sure 15 could be anything between about 11 and 18 if any where you see the sunshine atoll that extends out cers into south australia post be reaching out late and then hobart where it's colder anyway sydney's a point to be on the low side and there are showers on the coast quinson down towards new south wales for the next couple of days i suspect. while the cloud i went through your life is 16 degrees in the sun is out again on monday the active weather on its way now through the bite to start the week to be honest or least tuesday in adelaide and probably ho bot. across the tasman sea there are various swells apply but they appear to be disappearing from both major as in new zealand stowe it looks like the south that will be the cloudier of the to the future. but
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again we're on the high side of normal washington's 13 or 15 that onshore breeze is light suggests and see for that so you're on the northern shores the thames has dropped in wellington as the cloud comes up from the south with its wind on monday but in oakland where you're still up 14 degrees. brazil a bastion of economic development and a key player can a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant workers viewfinder in latin america follows an angolan migrant who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera. they're making millions per month off for something
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taxes i was losing. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars a year it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your old capitalist who was in the store and drove millions of workers into unemployed i said earnshaw we need to immediately find the entry in the man who stole the world coming soon. hello everyone i'm for the steeple and welcome to this news hour live from london
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coming up in the next 60 minutes yemen's who the rebels say they've launched new drone attacks targeting saudi arabia's aba and just their. activists in hong kong vow to press on with mass protests on sunday despite the government's suspending its controversial extradition bill. brought police guard peru's northern border as new rules requiring venezuelans to have a passport a visa come into force alan why cities and states in the united states are moving to stop stores going cashless. and in sport australia new to the top of the standings at the cricket world cup the defending champions beating sri lanka disappear at their 4th win in 5 good. fellow humans who the rebels say they've lost multiple drone attacks targeting 2
5:50 am
airports in southern saudi arabia who say they targeted the control rooms that just an airport and the fuel station at the airport putting both installations out of service saudi owned media says saudi forces intercepted a missile launched towards the city of. well the rebels have lost several strikes targeting at the airport since wednesday this footage shows the aftermath of an attack on the airport at least 26 people were wounded in that attack who fees have stepped up missile and drone attacks against saudi cities as tensions have risen between iran and gulf arab states allied with the united states. well after a visiting fellow at nottingham university said to the complex security and terrorism and he joins us live now by skype good to have you with us on the program why are we seeing an increase in these attacks right now do you think and at their attacks all they that are being very successful in hissing these airports.
5:51 am
well i think the reason we see healing. is they are responding to the. continuing. blockade particularly on all sorts of sensible to that's the reason we're here for a solution of its attacks and also with the. coalition that is hitting the very heart by means a lot and so that's the primary reason solution what they want to achieve is what i describe as mutually assured one willacy what they want to demonstrate as many we now are demonstrating is that we're now living in the world i'm sure the ability if you attack us we can take you to. is there anything to do though with the current tensions that we're seeing between the u.s. and its gulf allies and is that why we're seeing it all happen in this sort of
5:52 am
quite short time frame of about a week. i don't think there is any evidence that i've seen more. or what we're seeing is an escalation that has been built up on these weapons systems that they are deploying our movement in we should like well i'm a very in the last few days when this mess coalition has built up it would have taken weeks and months to develop these weapons systems and we should draw missing . additional. for many days there are of course people who will draw a link this conflict in yemen it is part of a wider regional conflict between the will of the saudi led coalition and iran and many things will be identified as contributing to that tension whether they actually do or don't it is a matter for debate but of course people will draw links because of their wider political agendas. and there's also debate of course about whether his theses are
5:53 am
guessing their weapons from they of course deny that they are taking direct orders from their own. yes there have not it continually denied that and i think that we saw a similar sort of thing in the iraq when the iraqi insurgency on a quite strong there were many allegations that the russians were coming from iran in reality there was little evidence of that there was some evidence and some minor components were coming across but fact is that many major states who have shusha lee well equipped and advanced forces cannot come to terms with the new reality and that is that the political technology is such was that it and poorly found date and very small. groups of insurgents can acquire weapons or with their units were insurgency or terrorism we can design and build
5:54 am
those weapons without a great deal of technical know how and they will weigh that use them has the ability to appear to be now is primarily intended not for a military effect because they don't cause a great deal of damage to the logistical infrastructure to the equals attritional damage to to the fighting components all saudi arabia or other companies that they attack what they do shows through publish the teens from the very fact that we discussing this with they also have we capability to browse the headlines they also have the capability for strategic capture yes that may sending some sort of message appreciate your analysis of the situation thank you so. well saudi arabia itself is demanding more security for shipping routes through the gulf after explosions or 2 or oil tankers the vessels were attacked in the gulf of oman on thursday 23 crew
5:55 am
members from one of the ships arrived in dubai on saturday the u.s. of course pointing the finger at terror on but iran is denying involvement and says if some of the british ambassador after the u.k. also blamed terror on all the time the tox china and the european union say no one should jump to conclusions. on iran's president says his country will continue to pull back from its nuclear deal commitments unless other countries protect it from american sanctions house and rouhani was speaking at a summit into textile. day but a smith reports. iran's president has used a conference in tajikistan of leaders and diplomats from more than 30 countries to reinforce an ultimatum he made in may that's when hassen rouhani said tehran will start enriching uranium at a higher level unless world powers to protect its economy from u.s. sanctions within 60 days that would be a breach of iran's commitments to the nuclear deal known as the j.c. p.o.
5:56 am
way agreed with those powers. it's obvious that iran cannot unilaterally remain committed to the joint comprehensive plan of action and it's necessary that other countries contribution to the survival of this important agreement with our good will and strategic tolerance on one hand and the united states lawlessness on the other hand it's been proven to everyone republic of iran while announcing its readiness for any interaction has decided to reduce its obligations under paragraph $26.36 of the plan of action to restore balance the 2050 nuclear agreement restricts iran's ability to enrich uranium in return for relief from u.s. led sanctions it was signed by the u.s. and the u.k. germany france china russia and the e.u. but the trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the deal last year a decision russian president vladimir putin said in tajikistan he didn't agree with
5:57 am
but games should be used when there are those when we believe that the only sensible decision is for all deal participants to on a commitments as a russia is ready to do and for katter's emir to men been hammered all funny there was a chance for his 1st meeting with the iranian president with an ongoing a 2 year blockade by egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and saudi arabia qatar is increasingly reliant on access to iranian airspace and trade routes while iran is looking for regional support. there's been no mention here of the attacks on the 2 tankers in the gulf on the thursday the u.s. blames iran for that iran says it's played no role both countries accuse each other of destabilizing the middle east and now there's just 2 weeks to go before iran's ultimatum for sanctions relief expires burnitz with al-jazeera. a british ship raney and mother detained in iran has begun a new hunger strike nazneen cigar iraq lyfe was jailed for 5 years and 2016 after
5:58 am
being convicted of spying which she denies her husband are staging a 24 hour vigil outside the iranian embassy in london and says he will also fast in solidarity with her richard radcliffe says his wife started the strike following the 5th birthday of their daughter who's not been allowed to leave iran since her mother's arrest. and so has all this news from london the community that's fighting back is gentrification drive's files us out of mexico city. and his court stanley cup meets to louis for the 1st time in history. hong kong's embattled leader has suspended a highly controversial bill that would allow extraditions to mainland china after a week of sometimes violent protests kerry said she heard calls for her government
5:59 am
to pause and think but activists want the plan withdrawn for good and say they will still go ahead with another mass demonstration on sunday rob mcbride reports from hong kong after insisting for weeks that she wouldn't and couldn't back down hong kong's leader kerry lamb came out to say she was doing just that. i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercise the government's attempt to push the legislation through hong kong's parliament the legislative council has led to the biggest street protests this city has seen in decades and violence between a minority of protesters and police who on wednesday used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse a largely peaceful occupation of the streets the 80 also injuries very minor tearing generating minor injuries that we have seen. may be replaced by very
6:00 am
serious injuries to my police colleagues and to ordinary citizens whether they are very fierce protesters are just ordinary students joining the protests i don't want any of that injuries to happen critics argue the change in the law could be used to extradite opponents of beijing to the mainland where they could face summary trial in china's courts why their yellow. was but lamb insists the change in the law is needed her opponents are angry that the initiative is only suspended and not withdrawn altogether. say you know you go on carry lamb says she will stop stabbing and i say that she's refused to take out the knife and we know if she pushes the knife further she will pierce the heart of the hong kong people. they accuse lamb of being the puppets of the central government in beijing but china.


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